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Enterprise Features

  • Cloud Control Fabric

    SME provides a unique Cloud Control fabric that enterprise can wrap around all of their data, on premise, within a public cloud, or on a third party software vendor’s cloud.

  • Cloud File Manager

    SME places a unique Cloud file manager on top of disparate data sources to give consistency when working with data whether through the web, desktop or mobile Apps.

  • Desktop Drive Integration

    SME adds a drive directly into the user desktop on Windows, Mac or Linux. If your users were used to a drive letter mapping previously then nothing changes even if they are using files stored on the Cloud.

  • OS & Mobile agnostic

    Native clients for Mac, Windows, Linux and for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Bring your own Device (BYOD) management supported.

  • Active Directory / LDAP Integration

    Easily integrate with Active Directory or LDAP for Single-Sign-On (SSO) and one source of user/group management.

  • Expose on-premise CIFS shares easily

    The SME Appliance ships with a CIFS connector wizard to enable easy sharing of on-premise CIFS shares to disseminated users.

  • File Versioning / Locking / Trash

    File Locking and versioning is built in and works above all data stores. Intelligently auto-locks when editing office documents. Trash bin concept to recover deleted files.

  • Access Control

    File Access Control can be applied consistently across multiple disparate data stores using a visual permissions manager that works across all data sources.

  • File Auditing / e-Discovery

    Files can be audited on all file events. Features IP logging and GEO location recording for file location on upload and storage destination. Hand off as an excel file to a compliance officer or output in syslog for format for BAM Dashboard integration.

  • Outlook / Mail integration

    Plug-in's for Outlook and Mac Mail to enable easy link sharing for large files.

  • Encryption

    Encrypt files on any data source using public/private key AES 256 bit encryption. Provides protection for data stored on remote cloud infrastructures.

  • Advanced File Sharing

    Securely Share files via email with expiry or password protected URL. Set policies on file sharing for users and roles. Send large files easily.

  • Content Search

    Search the contents of all corporate files using the SME Apache Solr integration.

Cloud Control Built in

Storage Made Easy makes Enterprise File Share and Sync is built upon its Cloud Control Gateway which provides Information Governance for files and documents.